Our partnerships

GAM develops cooperation with other organisations, associations, cultural centres and in particular with schools of all levels.

Contract Design Network

Contract Design Network is a network of companies that collaborate to integrate their research and provide each customer with the perfect environment, maximum ergonomics of shapes and the most innovative design. It is proposed to the market as a global partner and includes, among other things: office and community furniture, floors, scenographic solutions, curtains, lighting and soundproofing systems, tools for multimedia interaction.

GAM mainly deals with the world of libraries, offering its design skills and the innovative shelving of the Modular line, in Italy and abroad.


ABIO Italia ONLUS Foundation

Since 1978 ABIO has been working alongside children and adolescents in hospital and offering support to their parents. There are currently 64 active ABIO Associations throughout Italy, which can count on the commitment of 5,000 volunteers in more than 200 paediatric wards. ABIO volunteers work every day to make the impact of the child on the hospital environment, on the disease, on their own pain and on the pain of others, as less traumatic as possible.


In particular, the ABIO volunteer is:

for the child, a welcome at the moment of admission, to facilitate integration into the hospital, play and recreational activities, to be able to smile even on the ward for the families, a willingness to listen actively, attentively and with participation, a discreet and familiar presence.

Fondazione ABIO Italia coordinates and supports local associations, encourages the creation of new groups of volunteers, and raises awareness among citizens, hospitals and institutions on the issues of hospitalised children. It carries out numerous projects in favour of the well-being of children in hospital: dedicated to reception, training of volunteers, the creation of child-friendly environments, some examples of which can be seen on these pages.

Rights in the hospital

Fondazione ABIO Italia has drawn up, together with the Italian Society of Paediatrics, the Charter of Rights for Children and Adolescents in Hospital. The document highlights, in ten points, the importance of moving from treating illnesses to taking care of sick children and adolescents: to this end, it is necessary to guarantee the right to the best possible care and hospitalisation in paediatric wards, the presence of parents, an environment as child-friendly as possible, and play even during hospitalisation.

ABIO play area

The playroom furniture line was designed in 2000 in collaboration with Studio Peliti Associati and Gonzagarredi, at the time of the launch of the Missione Bontà Project, financed by Procter & Gamble, which allowed the development of the ABIO Movement, bringing it to a national diffusion the voluntary service towards hospitalised children and adolescents.

A cheerful, colourful room, lots of games, the smile of a volunteer: a welcoming, stimulating environment and the opportunity to play and express one's imagination and creativity are decisive factors in a child's well-being. Play stimulates the imagination and is a factor of continuity with life outside: the hospital thus becomes less alien and frightening. In the following years, with the planning of Fondazione ABIO, thanks to the help of many companies, several paediatric wards have been furnished and many playrooms have been built all over Italy.

According to the requests of the hospitals GonzagArredi has provided all the certifications required for the safety of the materials.

Vittorio Carnelli,

President of ABIO Italia Onlus Foundation


Consortium CGM

The CGM Co-operative Group is a network enterprise whose social base consists of 80 territorial consortia (provincial or metropolitan), distributed in all regions, in 70 provinces and in more than 5,000 municipalities, which co-ordinate in their territories the activities and initiatives of more than 1,000 social co-operatives and 120 other non-profit organisations whose aim is to pursue the general interest of the community in human promotion and social integration of citizens.

Among other activities, the CGM Group is also involved, through its members, in the coordination of interventions for the development of its associates that manage services for children, families and schools. In particular, about 800 cooperatives dealing with childhood are part of the CGM network as members for a total of more than 3,000 services in the sector.

Among these actions is the search for collaboration with bodies/companies/organisations that generate economies of scale to the benefit of their member services and with which to establish relationships of cultural exchange and know-how, useful for mutual development.

To furnish their educational spaces, the CGM Group cooperatives choose GAM, thanks to a special agreement that offers members advantageous discounts and free design.

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