Furnishings for nurseries and preschools

Furnishings for kindergartens and nursery schools

Furnishings for kindergartens and nursery schools

Childcare spaces express pedagogical and educational choices that are made and renewed. They communicate meanings, suggest behaviours, transmit messages to children, parents and all those who care about what happens in them and what they offer. The distribution of space and its arrangement allow us to understand if care is being taken each day in welcoming children and parents into a place designed for them, that is warm, friendly, aesthetically beautiful and harmonious.

Natural wood and desaturated colors are intentionally used to prevent color from intruding into the child’s perceptive experience to an excessive extent. Since they are so delicate, the shades do nothing to detract from the colors used by the children and their teachers. Thus educators can “personalize” the classrooms and add colors to highlight the activities in which the children take part as they explore their world.

neutral shades that create a sensation of cleanliness and space;

Natural wood and desaturated colors are intentionally used to prevent color from intruding into the child’s perceptive experience to an excessive extent;

Our approach

A favourable culture of services for children requires the coming together of the different qualities of educators, designers, furniture manufacturers and materials. This avoids excessive concessions to
market logic, which has often resulted in improper and abstruse expedients in services for young children such as furnishings in miniature, allusions to a fantasy world, trivially infantilized and characterized by conventional and stereotyped scenarios, equipment more suitable for a funfair and, in particular for the youngest, materials and activities incongruous and unusable. A place for children is not a place that must necessarily be childish.

A nursery, as a living space, should provide consistent and healthy experiences suitable for children and not simply represent a caricature of the magical world of childhood. For a child, magic is an object that suddenly disappears, a light that turns on and off, his or her own shadow or reflection in a mirror, a ball that rolls off in different directions, leaves that crackle underfoot. Young children, in their everyday lives, need no more magic than that of the everyday reality that they are experiencing. For this reason they need furnishings that are beautiful, good, right, useful and safe, adapted to the convenience of children and adults and the purposes they have.

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Some of our projects

To bestow form, colour and substance to these fundamental choices requires special care to be given to various features and elements that determine the space:

  • The size of the space , because it must respond to needs for cosy and comforting environments, which safeguard children from the disorientation sometimes caused by the excessive noise and disorder of larger spaces.
  • The articulation of the space, so that it promotes both individual and small group play and sustains attention, eliminating as far as possible confusing and distractive elements in order to encourage the development of early social skills. Articulation without fragmentation, in an otherwise uniform and homogeneous space, promotes movement, variety and flexibility. It resonates with meaning, embracing and expanding in relation to specific activities. It offers and suggests connections, stimulates concepts of proximity and distance, creates various areas and pathways for the different exploration needs of the children.
  • Paths offered throughout the space facilitate independent comings and goings of the children, with the contiguity and proximity of their daily environments.
  • The identity of areas within the space, with an aim to make them easily recognizable by activity or experience, to foster in the children a mastery of movement and selforientation.
  • The choice of beautiful and functional furnishings for proposed activities, in order to facilitate the free access of the children to the materials at their disposal.

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