Furniture for

  • nurseries, kindergartens
  • primary and secondary schools
  • libreries
  • Montessori materials

Gonzagarredi has furnished thousands of nurseries and pre-schools, primary and junior schools and libraries both in Italy and abroad.

Nurseries and kindergartens



Our solutions are tailored to suit the customers’ requirements: Gonzagarredi assists its customers at all times, from the very first contact, all the way through to the assembly of the furniture. Made of wood, metal and aluminium, our products are designed to blend in with the architectural styles of all building types. Gonzagarredi’s Montessori educational material encourages “self-education”, i.e. the individual work, concentration and abstraction processes with which each child develops and builds his outlook of the world and his culture without the assistance of adults.
Gonzagarredi is one of only three companies in the world that produce Montessori educational material with the supervision and approval of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Production of Montessori material began last century, in Gonzaga, during the twenties and was based on instructions imparted by Maria Montessori herself.


Gonzagarredi has been designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative and custom furniture for nurseries, schools, book and media libraries and cultural centers since 1975. With great expression of Italian design, our children’s furniture and library furniture are safe, made with high quality materials and finishes and conforms to the most stringent European technical standards.

0-6 years





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In the GAM central department was set up a Montessori museum – MEMO– which also included an events room. The exhibition holds a series of educational materials designed by the great Italian educator Maria Montessori.