Montessori Museum


The Memory of Montessori space

In the GAM central department was set up a Montessori museum – MEMO– which also included an events room. The exhibition holds a series of educational materials designed by the great Italian educator Maria Montessori.

Cultural centre MeMo

The exhibition of precious vintage materials illustrates the period in which Maria Montessori lived in Gonzaga. The conference hall hosts meetings and conventions regarding pedagogy.

Montessori Materials

The Montessori materials are simple, rational, logical objects designed to offer the child different tools to explore the natural and human reality. They help him to develop the ability to sort the myriad of stimulations coming from the external environment. Their purpose is to give the child the opportunity to classify all the possible attributes which compose reality: colour, shape, size, loudness, roughness, weight, heat, smell, taste, etc.


The child is father of the man

Maria Montessori

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Starting time: 10.30

Guided tour of the MEMO Museum
Duration: 1h
Ticket price: 7 euros

Guided tour of the MEMO Museum and Gonzaga Citty
Duration: 2h
Ticket price: 15 euros

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