Our services

Surveys, assistance and planning


GAM offers excellent design services. We listen to needs, analyse the context, accurately design the spaces, pay attention to details. These are the stages every GAM project is made of.

Detailed floor plans and 3D renderings are used to illustrate appealing and functional education spaces.

Clean lines and light colours to respond to the needs of pedagogy today with modern and minimal design. Frame-flush doors and open shelves, minimal handles and square feet renew this line of furniture.

Progetti: il nostro fiore all'occhiello


  • » Participatory design
  • » Wide range of coordinated products for every environment and context
  • » Design layouts and custom furnishings Rapid response
  • » Corporate and product safety certifications
  • » Multiyear warranties and after-sales service Eco-friendly materials
  • » Significant projects in the public domain
  • » Technical and pedagogical consultancy


The furniture can be completely disassembled and its parts are separately replaceable. This feature extends considerably the life-cycle of these furnishings and facilitates final disposal.

The edges are rounded and naturally painted. Doors are equipped with cushioning pads and handles are available in wood and antishock leather. The wooden feet are adjustable and, on request, can be replaced with lockable wheels.


  • » No sharp edges or roughness
  • » Adjustable feet
  • » Cushioned handles, also available in leather
  • » Pinch protected joints
  • » Rounded exposed parts
  • » PVC-free non-toxic paints and materials
  • » Class E1 formaldehyde limits
  • » Furniture easily cleaned and sanitized
  • » Certifications in accordance with technical sector standards (UNI-EN)
  • » Easily disassembled furniture: parts can be replaced individually and separated at the end of the product life-cycle
  • » The assembly of tables and cabinets does not require the use of glue

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