Library Furnishings and Library Shelving

All books in order with GAM Library Shelving

Gonzagarredi creates multifunctional furnishing systems for libraries and buildings used for cultural activities: book check-out counters, bookshelves, display shelves, containers, cupboards, tables, chairs, etc. Technologically advanced materials and versatile furnishings designed to suit various purposes in libraries make Gonzagarredi the specialized Italian company most able to understand the users’requirements.

High-tech shelving for libreries

Stylish design and functionality comply with the architectural layouts in both libraries and cultural venues. Availability of the different furnishings lines and shelving systems make it possible to easily convert to different standards.

MODULAR: Modular Line is a high-tech shelving that can be equipped with a full range of accessories which make it adaptable to any environment, from the basic library to the university library. It can be used to store books of all sizes and all types of non-book devices or equipped with lighting systems. The shelf can be of different sizes and the wooden version is also available. Modular line is part of a system which also includes cabinets, retractable shelves, display racks, trolleys and tables.


GAM has furnished thousands of LIBRARIES in both Italy and abroad